Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Adobe, Your Installers Are Awful

Just spent several hours troubleshooting Adobe's Creative Suite 5.5 installer. It kept erroring out for me with the following unhelpful message:

"please insert disk AdobeDesignPremium5.5-English to continue"

Huh? Well, it turns out that their installer gets really confused if you install it from anywhere but the C: drive. Note I'm just doing a standard install to the C: drive. But you can't install from, say, a USB flash drive.

What I love is that I found the answer on The Pirate Bay. Mind you, I'm installing a legit licensed copy of Creative Suite. But Adobe's own resources had no information for me. Apparently nobody at Adobe owns a USB drive.

Maybe Adobe is confused -- somebody should tell them that just because Flash is dying, that doesn't mean that USB flash drives are dying.

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