Saturday, October 29, 2011

"Don't Call Yourself a Programmer"

It's been Slashdotted, but here's an article I agree with: Don't Call Yourself A Programmer, And Other Career Advice.

I've seen this point raised before, and it's a good one. My job is developing software, and programming - actually sitting down at the computer and typing out lines of code - is probably 25% of that job.

Lots of other excellent advice in that article too, such as:

You are not defined by your chosen software stack: I recently asked via Twitter what young engineers wanted to know about careers. Many asked how to know what programming language or stack to study. It doesn’t matter. There you go.

Do Java programmers make more money than .NET programmers? Anyone describing themselves as either a Java programmer or .NET programmer has already lost, because a) they’re a programmer (you’re not, see above) and b) they’re making themselves non-hireable for most programming jobs. In the real world, picking up a new language takes a few weeks of effort and after 6 to 12 months nobody will ever notice you haven’t been doing that one for your entire career.

This is one of those articles I've saved and will hand out to anybody that ever asks me about this career that I love so much. (So that's… what, three or four people over the next fifty years? Haha…)

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