Wednesday, October 12, 2011


A few guiding principles for this space.

1. We are human beings, and computers are here for us. Software and hardware should make our lives better. Everything will be evaluated within that context.

2. We practice pragmatism around here. All other things being equal, free (libre) software is better than a closed alternative - but only for pragmatic reasons: open-source software is more likely to receive iterative improvements, feedback, and bug-testing. Closed-source software that makes our lives better (see #1) is to be admired.

3. Operating systems and programming environments are like martial arts. They have strengths and weaknesses relative to one another but whichever one(s) you pick, you're going to be a badass if you pour enough effort into it.

4. Design is important. Design is how a thing works, not how it looks. A command-line environment can be well-designed and elegant.

5. Performance is fun but it is a means, not an end. More megahertz and megabits per second are good, but only if they help you do cool stuff better.

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