Thursday, December 22, 2011

Techies. Gadgets. Oh No.

Christmas is one of the worst times for technology. Everything happens so fast, people are short on time, and purchases are driven by sales and social norms rather than careful consideration - like buying a $99 "tablet" for somebody because mom heard they're cool. Technology isn't a goal. It's a way to enjoy the journey a little more and get to where you really want to be: being a fulfilled person. Purchases, technology or otherwise, should be careful and personal. You are an amazing person and your journey is important. I'm guilty of straying from this path many times. We bought a GPS navigation system for my father and wife this Christmas. My goal for them was to enjoy the piece of mind and simplification of life that owning a GPS has given to me. I'm not sure if I accomplished that. At least initially, I think I may have filled their lives with one more piece of intimidating technology.

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