Sunday, March 18, 2012

Apple: Keeping It… Modest?

While Apple certainly promotes itself as a premium brand, one thing they do not do is change their hardware designs frequently.

Without close inspection, nobody knows you're using a MacBook Pro from 2008 and not one from 2012.

It's even harder for somebody to tell if you're using an iPhone 4s or an original iPhone 4 from two years ago. HTC alone has introduced what, literally twenty designs in that timespan? Thirty?

With the exception of IBM/Lenovo's iconic Thinkpads ‐ which I also love ‐ Apple holds on to their external designs longer than anybody in the industry.

You could make a case that Apple actually has the most modest designs of any PC or smartphone manufacturer today. Were Apple to ever ditch the big glowing Apple logo from their laptop lids (not likely, of course) it wouldn't even be close.

Please note that I spend less than two hours a week watching television, and well over forty hours a week using a Mac and an iPhone. In contrast, I see perhaps thirty seconds of Apple advertising a week.

So I'm talking about actual Apple hardware and not the yuppified marketing image they present in their TV ads. If you watch a lot of television and see a lot of Apple ads, and don't own any Apple products, you'll probably feel differently - but just know that your opinion is based more on marketing than the physical reality of their products.

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