Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Software News: No More Aero Glass, GitHub for Windows, Coda 2

Bye, Aero Glass. Microsoft announced that it's phasing out the Aero Glass UI in Windows 8. The new interface is flatter and sharper. I like the direction they're taking.

“This style of simulating faux-realistic materials (such as glass or aluminum) on the screen looks dated and cheesy now, but at the time, it was very much en vogue,” [Jensen Harris, the Director of Program Management for the Windows User Experience] writes in the blog post titled ‘Creating the Windows 8 User Experience.’

GitHub For Windows. GitHub for Windows is now available. I've only played around with their OSX client very briefly, but it's friendly and works.

Coda 2. Over on the OSX side of things, Coda 2 is finally about to ship. I'm a big fan of Coda 1 for certain things - it's great at editing remote files via FTP/SFTP. (But isn't that kind of an outdated mode of development?)

Catching my eye in Coda 2: Git support, easier color scheming, and a CSS editor that appears to have great support for creating gradients and other CSS effects. There's a built-in MySQL management GUI, which is cool, but also a little bit "five years ago" - it seems like people are either moving "down" to SQLite or NoSQL databases, or "up" to a more fully-featured RDBMS like Postgres.

According to Cabel from Panic, "Coda 2 will be $75 ('upgrading pricing for everyone') for a while, Diet Coda will be $19. After the sale of course." The sale he's referring to is the 24-hour sale on May 24th when both apps are 50% off.

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