Sunday, February 3, 2013

I Know It's 2013 But Seriously: Office 2011 For OSX

I like Office 2010 on Windows. I like the Ribbon interface. Really, I do. As much as I'm a Mac guy for many things, I think that the Ribbon interface, when done well, is a great use of space and is far preferable to lots of tiny menus, nested three or four deep.

I certainly like it better than the iWork (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote) interface on OSX, with its tons of floating toolbars. You can't just drag a Pages window around, nooooo - you must also drag three or four separate windows at times. I assume that OSX will eventually get a version of iWork that carries over many of the lessons learned from creating iWork for iOS, but who knows?

Anyway. Here's what spawned this post.

What was Microsoft's OSX team thinking when they designed Office 2011 for OSX? Seriously, this is just horrible. It looks like somebody from 1995 traveled forward in time to 2010, had sixty seconds to memorize what OSX looked like, and then was transported back to 1995 whereupon he feverishly worked to recreate that look in an early version of Visual Basic.

There are extra bevels, some kind of bizarro tabbed interface, and the whole thing is a jumbled mix of flat icons and pseudo-3d-gradiant-having buttons. Why? Why? Dear God.

Office2011 OSX

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