Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Plus / Minus

We'll start with the "plus" - keeping it somewhat positive in 2013!

Plus Of The Week: Join.me

A few years ago, it seems like there was no drop-dead easy way to share your screen with a friend or coworker unless both of you were on a Mac and could use iChat's excellent screen-sharing feature. Services like LogMeIn required the installation of software; alternatives like VNC or Windows Remote Assistance were firewall-unfriendly.

Today, though, there are quite a few drop-dead easy alternatives that run inside a browser. Join.me, from LogMeIn, is one of them. About the only downside is that the person on the other end needs to have Flash enabled in their browser. There has to be something out there that functions in "HTML5-only" mode if Flash isn't installed, right?

Minus Of The Week: No SFTP in Windows Server 2012

It's kind of hard to believe that it's 2012 and Microsoft still ships a server version of Windows without SFTP, or some kind of substitute for it. (And no, FTP isn't a substitute)

There are third-party implementations, but they tend to be spendy and/or bereft of any user community, which makes me awfully wary of them.

You can allow SSH/SFTP access via Cygwin - which is free, free, free - but in my experience there's no way to selectively chroot accounts on an account-by-account basis. Which means that you can either lock all users in a single home directory, but you can't do it for some accounts and not others, so you're kind of out of luck if you want to give full access to admins and restricted access to other users. It's entirely possible, of course, that I'm mistaken on this. Drop me a line and correct me.

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