Monday, January 8, 2018

Apple: A Slightly Different "Mac Pro" Plea

Hi, Apple.

I know you've been reading a lot of stuff for the past, oh, zillion years about how "hardcore" Mac users would like you to sell them a 492ghz Mac Pro for $400.

I Appreciate Your Profit Margins

Here's a slightly different take. Apple, I respect your profit margins on hardware sales. Those margins are the reason why you don't have to cram adware onto your machines like Dell, or sell my private information like Google.

Therefore, I would like you to make a healthy profit margin on your next Mac Pro.

Understand Who's Buying These

Have you ever actually seen a Mac Pro user? You can be forgiven if you haven't; I know you don't sell that many.

I understand that you're concerned about an expandable, powerful Mac Pro cannibalizing your Macbook business. It won't. Nobody can live without a fucking laptop or tablet these days.

If you ever find an actual Mac Pro user out in the wild I guarantee you: she will also own a Macbook and/or iPad. And she'll probably replace the Macbook before she replaces the Mac Pro.

What Shouldn't The Mac Pro Be?

Five years ago we wanted a Mac Pro full of expansion slots. It would have been a good idea then, but I promise that nobody knows how to write a macOS driver for a PCIe card anymore. So, that ship sailed. That's fine.

What Should The Mac Pro Be?

Give me a zillion ports, Thunderbolt, USB3, USB-C. I never want to buy a hub for this thing unless I'm doing some really crazy shit. I don't care if it's just a hub internally.

Seed the market for external graphics. Make it work well. Subsidize the cards and enclosures. Whatever. Make it a thing.

Make the RAM expandable. I probably can't afford 32GB or 64GB but I might need that much and be able to afford it in three years. Don't worry, I'll upgrade every other Apple device I own in the meantime.

Enough With The Fucking Xeon

Xeons are great, because ECC memory is great. Well, for some things. It just doesn't matter for workstation use, most of the time. Last I read, there's no reason the i7 can't support it; it's just a market segregation thing from Intel. AMD, iirc, does not play that particular game.

Offer a relatively affordable i7-based Mac Pro. Call it the "Developer Edition" maybe. Let me buy one for the cost of (get this crazy idea) an i7-based 15" Macbook. That shouldn't be too hard: you don't have to pay for a screen or a battery. If you can't turn a profit on that kind of a box, you're not trying.

Higher-priced models can stay Xeon. Differentiate them somehow. ECC's a start.

No Revolutionary Gimmicks

No Touch Bar-level unnecessary innovation. We're not regular customers, you idiots! You don't need to impress us; you just need to give us tools. We're the people who make things for your customers so that they keep being your customers.

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